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Thanks to our article readers who appreciate us for our previously published two articles What is UI Design? and  A guide of UI/UX design trends for 2021. Now we are going to purplish a new article by our designer Muhammad Nawaz Rizvi about UX Quotes. I took some time and write UX quotations on my experience and research base.

There are hundreds of UX Quotes fragmented across the web and mobile industry. These quotes just related to graphic design and UI design no one has written specific quotes of UX. It becomes more confusing when you jump from one article to another. So our designer decided to write UX quotes for motivating you. These following quotations are showing quick snippets and wisdom of our designer “Muhammad Nawaz Rizvi”.

User Experience:

User Experience Design(UXD or UED) is the way, process, approach or science of designing web and mobile applications. It makes digital products to useful, usable meaningful, delightful, relevant, easy to use and interactive.

Example: If you imagine a product or application as the human body, its structure, and organs by nature represent to UX.
UX says, how the product works? It’s objective to design a system that optimizes (enhance) end-users experience and removes obstacles desired goal. Where user can easily accomplish their task by taking minimal steps. In other words, UX helps end-users’ to easily interact with digital products.

1) User Expectations:

“People ignore that UX design that is unfamiliar and can not work according to user expectations.”

2) Learning Source:

“Feedback on badly designed product maybe your big source of UX learning.”

3) Bridge:

“UX is a bridge between user and system.”

4) Science:

“UX is that science which makes user fly on jet speed.”

5) Pain Killer:

“UX is a pain killer for the system’s problems faced by the user.”

6) Key:

“UX is a key to figuring out to get rid of issues.”

7) System’s Teacher:

“UX is a teacher for the system’s user to teach how to accomplish their goals.”

8) Deliver a message:

“UX require the product to deliver a message to the user by self, how to use me? If it not delivering then the product is ineffective.”

9) Loyalty tool:

“UX is a loyalty tool between system and user.”

10) Unique way:

“UX is a unique way to reduce the complications to the simple.”

11) Tongue:

“UX is the tongue for explaining everything to the user without generating voice waves.”

12) Removes gap:

“UX removes the gap between “what users do?” and “how they feel?” about the product.”

13) Moving Force:

“Good UX is a force that moves the business forward, extends to sales and good for brand marketing.”

14) Beat competitors:

“do you wanna beat to your competitors, you need to make a product with positive user experience”

15) No guideline:

“UX require the design a product in such a way, where the user gets personal experience without any trouble, need to read the instructions, no training seminar and help guide.”

Why I write this article?

Firstly, there is seemingly a clear need for more articles on UX Quotes because it important, I found a few experts bothering to UX quotes. So I decided to write this article because I wanted there should be an article where the reader learns most easily and efficiently. I hope this article will be helpful for beginners and experts, this article takes you one step ahead in the UI/UX field. If you like it please comments on and share it with your friends. If you need UI/UX services to let us direct contact or by Upwork. Stay in touch with Linkedin, FacebookPinterestDribbbleBehanceUpwork.

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