The 7 Factors that Influence User Experience

The understanding of UX factors fragmented across the web and mobile industry. There are thousands of articles about UX factors available on the internet. It becomes more confusing when you jump from one book or article to another. Everyone presenting different detail with difficult wording about UX factors. My friends ask me to write a blog in easy wording about the 7 factors of UX design. Therefore I am writing this blog. By the end of this blog, you’ll have a good understanding and effective info about UX factors design. Below is a breakdown of what we are going to cover in this article.

1) What is UX designing?
2) the 7 factors of UX
3) Why I write this blog

What is UX designing:

User Experience Design is the process, approach or science of designing web and mobile applications. It makes digital products to useful, usable meaningful, delightful, relevant, easy to use and interactive.

When a product is being developed or designed, people pay attention to what it does? UX is another thing that says how the product works? It’s objective to design a system that optimizes (enhance) end-users experience and removes obstacles from the desired goal. 

The 7 factors of UX

Various factors influence user experience on different platforms such as web and mobile app. Below we have mentioned seven of those factors. These seven factors describe the effective experience of any product. The designer can analyse their design with the help of these factors. So the seven factors of UX are

i) Useful
ii) Usable
iii) Findable
iv) Credible
v) Desirable
vi) Accessible
vii) Valuable


UX require a product should be useful, a product is not useful if it is funny and aesthetic. A product is called useful when it has benefits for users such as accomplish a goal and able for practical purposes. So we can say the useful product is that who allows users to accomplish a task or objective.


The second factor a UX design requires that is “Usable”. A product is called usable when users able to achieve their end objectives effectively and efficiently. So as a UX designer you have to allow users to achieve the maximum with minimum effort.


The third factor a UX design requires that is “Findable”, a product may be findable when it must be easy to find also the content within the product must be easy to find, too. To make a product findable, So a UX designer must have to categories the content. Making product findable you have to provide search bar, voice search, tabs and filter to end user in your product design.


Credibility factor related to the ability of the user to trust in the product that you have provided. Information provided within the product should be accurate and fit for end-user purpose. If you will make fool to end-user or provide misinformation inside the product then the user will never come back next time.


Desirability factor is related to conveying of unique aesthetics, and emotional design. A user brags about the more desirable product and promotes it for you without any marketing investment.


The sixth factor is about accessibility, Its about providing an experience to end-user which can be accessed with a full range of abilities. Therefor accessibility requires to provide experience to those who are disabled in some respect, such as the hearing, vision, motion or learning impaired. Voice search is a good example for an illiterate person, similarly its also good for those who can’t type for search. It’s also worth remembering that when you design for accessibility you have to design products that are easier for everyone to use.


This factor requires the product must deliver value to end-user and creator. As designers, you have to remember in mind that value is one of the key influences on purchasing decisions.

Why I write this blog:

In conclusion, there is seemingly a clear need for more articles on UX factors, I found a few experts bothering to explain UX factors. My friends ask me to write a blog in easy wording about the 7 factors of UX design. So I decided to write this blog because I wanted there should be an article where the reader learns in the easiest and efficient way. If you like it please comments on and share it with your friends. If you need UI/UX services to let us contact. You can check out our projects. Stay in touch with us LinkedinPinterestDribbbleBehanceYoutube, and Facebook.

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