Design thinking and why it important?

Thanks to our article readers who appreciate us for our previously published two articles about What is UX Design? And User Experience and why it matters? Now our designer “Muhammad Nawaz Rizvi” has provided a new blog about Design thinking and why it important? In this blog, He’ll reveal the importance of design thinking and related info. Download free uiux books

The understanding of “Design thinking and why it important?” is fragmented across the web and mobile industry. There are thousands of articles about “Design thinking and why it important?” available on google. It becomes more confusing when you jump from one blog to another. Everyone presenting different and irrelevant information, but my blog is going to cover the minimum, relevant information and easy to understand info about it. Below is a breakdown of what he is going to cover in this article.

1) Why design thinking important?
2) What is design thinking? (Definitions)
3) Phases of design thinking
4) How I can become a creative designer
5) Design thinking History
6)Why I wrote this article.

Why design thinking important?

Design thinking is especially useful for wickedly(hardly) difficult problems or where the problem is clear and the solution available through applying rules or technical knowledge. It explores the given problem and suggests a route to a solution. Design thinking asks the designer to find solutions from the available problem’s information. This is an aim-oriented flow that can lead to a real conclusion. Its allows humans to make sense of, interpret, represent, modelling or sketching.
Design thinking helps us in questioning about problem, assumption. It is extremely useful in tackling(deal with) problem that is ill define. Also involved in ongoing experimentation such as ideation, wireframing, prototyping, testing and re-evaluation.

What is design thinking?

It is a process in which we try to understand the user’s problems and redefine them to identify solutions. We can say design thinking is a solution-based approach to solve problems. It revolves around deep interest and whom for we are designing the product.
Definition 1: Design thinking refers to the cognitive(introductive), strategic and practical process by which design concepts are developed. It is also associated with the innovation of products and services.

Definition 2: Design thinking encompasses(Withhold) analysis, understand problems, generate ideas for solutions, sketching, thinking creatively, prototyping, testing and evaluating.

Phases of design thinking:

There are variants design thinking process and they five to seven design phases, stages or modes. All of them based on principals. These phases are a set of actions and thoughts.

Empathise: This phase is about understanding problems and users’ needs. Consists of assumptions, observations, emotions and seek inspiration.

Define: This phase is about defining user problems, product and user’s needs. Use the inspiration, assumptions and observation you gathered for analyzing to define problems you identified. This definition called a problem statement. This problem statement required to creating personas.

Ideate: In this phase, you have to come up with different ideas and assumption for solving the problem. Now, you are ready to create ideas. Use solid background knowledge from the first two phases. Look for alternative ways to view the problem for identifying solutions. These ways may be IA(Information Architecture) and HTA(Hierarchical Task Analysis).

Wireframing: This phase requires design sketches, wireframes and solutions. This is an experimental phase in which you have to include some inexpensive, scales such as sketches or paper wireframes. This phase is about making ideas for the tangible (untouchable) product.

Evaluation: In this phase, you have to test or evaluate your wireframes or sketches for finding bugs in the design.

How I can become a creative designer?

If you wanna become the creative designer you should follow my following advice. Creativity is not the exclusive property of anyone, you can also be a creative person.
1) Thinking is the key to creativity.
2) Fresh thinking mind can provide an unexpected solution to the problem.
3) Observe nature.
4) Think Outside the box.
5) Do Practices.
6) Read about psychology and empathy.

Don’t worry soon I will publish a proper blog “How to become creative UX Designer?.”

Why I wrote this article:

Firstly, there is seemingly a clear need for more articles on design thinking, I found a few experts bothering to explain User experience and why it matters. So I decided to write this article because I wanted there should be an article where the reader learns most easily and efficiently. I hope this article will be helpful for beginners and experts, this article takes you one step ahead in the UI/UX field. If you like it please comments on and share it with your friends. If you need UI/UX services to let us contact. You can check out our projects. Stay in touch with us LinkedinPinterestDribbble.

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