User Interface Design

Information Architecture and It’s Approaches

People often use the words “Information Architecture(IA)” to mean the menu or navigation on websites or in apps, but that’s not really correct. While menus are a part of IA, they’re really only one part of it. So information architecture is a major part of the interaction and interface design. So information architecture deals with …

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User experience design deals with the users and their product’s experience. That is where the “User Personas” needed for  UX design. UX design process should start with persona creation. If stakeholders want to know the target audience and problems faced by users they should start work with “user personas”. The term persona is used widely …


The Elements of User Experience Design

Thanks to our article readers who appreciate us for previously published articles about What is UX Design?. What is UI Design? and User Experience and why it matters?. Now we are going to purplish a new article “The Element of User Experience Design”. In this article, we’ll reveal what are the five elements(layer, plans) of User Experience Design?. What …

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