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User Experience Design(UXD or UED) is way, process, approach or science of designing web and mobile applications…Read more

User Interface Design (UID or Surface) is the way, process, discipline or science of converting low fidelity design to high fidelity design…Read more

UX matter because it says design a product (web, app) in such a way, it should deliver a message to the user by self, how to use me?

UX elements, strategy, scope, structure, skeleton, and surface provide a conceptual framework about

Atomic design is a methodology consists of five distinct stages working together to create user interface design.

 Personas are a precise description of your system’s users and who are going to use your system and what he/she wishes to accomplish.

 UX Design psychology is a combination of neuroscience, thinking and interactions approach. 

Information Architecure and its approaches

Information architecture is concerned with creating organizational and navigational schemes that allow users to move through site content .

Navigation is a track of hyperlinks through which a user visit the whole site. The navigation system is a road …

A hierarchical task analysis (HTA) provides an understanding of the steps taken by users to achieve a certain goal …

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