A guide of UI/UX design trends for 2021

Now a time, finally we can say goodbye to the cool year 2020. I say thanks to all readers who appreciate me for writing my last article “Information Architecture and It’s Approaches”. I took some time and did some industrial research regards to creating 2021 UI design trends. In this article, I am going to discuss the latest UI/UX design trends of 2021 and explore how world-known companies implement them.

Everyone presenting different detail about UI 2021 design trends but my article going to cover real information. By the end of this article, you’ll have a good understanding. Below is a breakdown of what we are going to cover in this article.

1) Dark Mode
2) Voice User Interfaces
3) Bold Typography
4) 3D Illustrations
5) Glassmorphism
6) Real-life Pictures
7) Vivid Colors
8) Blurred and Colorful Background
9) Login without Passwords

A guide of UI/UX design trends for 2021
A guide of UI design trends for 2021

Dark Mode:

The dark mode is going to become one of the most popular web design tendencies in 2021. This tendency is becoming so popular because by turning on the dark mode you can create an ultra-modern design and you can highlight and pop other elements of a Website or App.
1) The dark mode is best because it catches the attraction of the user and increases its loyalty of product designs.
2) It reduces screen fatigue.
3) Dark mode saves your user’s device battery.
4) The dark background will enhance the features.
By clicking here you can check Facebook dark mode view. Here is another example of dark mode for a banking app.

Voice User Interfaces:

Another UI and UX tendency is there that is VUI(voice user interface). This is another method of interacting with devices without actually touching such as VUI (voice user interfaces) and air gesture control. This is product control design with voice waves where the system and user can interact. By adding a voice-user interface to your design it can increase user loyalty and can make it easier. For example, you can use voice chatbots for visitors to communicate using voice commands. Google Speech Recognition technology has a 95% accuracy rate in those regions where English is widely spoken. Check an example by clicking here.

Bold Typography:

If you are willing to catch your user’s attention on the landing pages then bold typography is a win-win tendency in UI/UX designing. This user interface is getting more popular because most of your users will pay attention to heading, and if your header gets their attention, they will mostly stick to your app or website. Check an example by clicking here.

3D Illustrations:

In these days 3D imagery tendencies is a new way of improving user loyalty.3D design elements have been attracting many users. UX and UI specialists going to embed custom 3D components in UI designs to catch users’ interest. For regular UI designers to actually create something in 3D, they can use a tool called Spline. This tool currently available in beta version, but so amazing and easy to use. Here you can learn its tutorial. 3D is also being widely used in full-screen as main key visuals design and for animation, take a look at Superlist or you can see an amazing 3D tutorial.


“Glassmorphism” has positive emotions for users. I think you have not heard about the newest craze design called “Glassmorphism” which mean that’s right now, “neuromorphic” is no longer cool. It’s the newest trend in UI, which is mostly based on an effect called background blur, This design gives an aesthetic blurred look to your product design and it basically creates with the sense of “through the glass” look and feels on elements. It was introduced in Windows Vista, then later in iOS7. Check this design’s example here.

Real-life Pictures:

I strongly predict that soon everybody will be tired of illustrations and 3D graphics in product design, so real-life photos will come back. So we can say illustrations might not be good for everybody.UI specialist knows real people and real items can make a bigger impact on users. This Ekokubki’s website is based on real-life photography and it looks great!.

Vivid Colors:

When we say vivid colours, it’s means easier for us to differentiate and remember a product and its elements. Everywhere I looked, I saw colourful splashes on websites and mobile designs. Take a look at Designcode.io, I love how colours create a magical, ethereal vibe there.

Blurred and Colorful Background:

With mixed “Glassmorphism” there is another UI idea and tendency that called blurred, colourful background. In future, I think it will make the UI look more pleasurable. The designs that use blurred backgrounds look incredibly organic, warm and welcoming. Take a look at Stripe, check another example here.

Login without Passwords:

According to a statistical report, about 90% of humans forget their passwords because different websites or app use different methods for password generating such as uppercase, lowercase, symbols etc. The UX designers have found the solution for that too, they brought us the major mobile UI design trends “Login without the password”. Many methods have replaced the password-less login, for example, Fingerprint, face authentication, Pin codes or verification code and google authenticator. By clicking Here you can check a login page without a password.


Users’ expectations and demands grow and change rapidly. If you want to succeed, follow the latest UI/UX design trends. Designers should keep well-informed of current trends and leverage them whenever possible. If your designs are old-fashioned or less interactive, then there are high chances that your mobile application or website will miserably fail.
In conclusion, this blog was for spreading some of my thoughts and research about UI 2021 trends. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post as a newbie as well as an experienced UXer UI designer.This article takes you one step ahead in the UI/UX field.If you like it please comments on and share it with your friends.  If you need UI/UX services to let us direct contact or by Upwork. Stay in touch with Linkedin, FacebookPinterestDribbbleBehanceUpwork.

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